10 Things You Should Know Before Taking CA Recorded Lectures

10 Things You Should Know Before Taking CA Recorded Lectures


With 4G, the demand for the internet has increased and on the other side, its consumption cost has reduced drastically. The result was as expected, initially, the people started buying & selling online through giants like Flipkart & Amazon, and in the subsequent stage, the same people started ordering food online through Swiggy & Zomato. It is obvious that the use of technology will become inevitable and will spread in each & every industry including education. In the last 5 years, we have seen the use of Technology in Education, and especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, the same got multiplied.


Post-COVID Scenario:

This pandemic has segregated the student fraternity into two categories, namely classroom coaching & online coaching. As such, online coaching is further categorized into recorded lectures & live lectures. Concerning Online CA Coaching, it is obvious that overall students are segregated into 3 levels but as we know that CA is one of the toughest courses in India, mainly it can be interpreted as fresher's market & repeater’s market. 

In terms of 3 levels, CA Foundation students prefer to study in the classroom while CA Final students prefer to refer to the recorded lectures. Similarly, freshers will go for classroom coaching while repeaters who plan to revise only selected topics will always go for the recorded video sessions.
10 Major Reasons Why CA Final Students or Repeaters Prefer to Study Through Online (Recorded) Video Lectures:


Study Anytime & Anywhere:

One of the most important benefits of Recorded Video Lectures is you can study at your convenient time & location. A student in Delhi or Mumbai may also get a chance to study on the Metro train using a mobile phone. Similarly, a CA Final Student can refer or buy CA Final Video Lectures even if he has to travel in his article ship for an outstation audit.


Study from the Team of Experts:

It is impossible for a CA Final student of Mumbai to go and attend the lecture of a renowned institute/faculty teaching in Delhi, due to the article ship. Similarly, the parents of a CA Foundation Student may not agree to send him from a small town to a tier 1 or tier 2 city at such a young age. In such cases, CA Foundation Online Classes/Video Lectures plays a vital role as you get an opportunity to study from the Best Institutions/Faculties at your doorstep.


Extended Hours:

Most classroom coaching institutions work for limited hours only which indirectly extends the syllabus completion time. On the other side, one can refer to recorded lectures during the extended hours to complete the syllabus in time.


Suitable For Repeaters:

Generally, repeaters have to revise only selected topics. For them going into the classroom wouldn’t be possible at all. They will prefer to watch recorded lectures and would refer to those selected topics again & again. 



While classroom coaching has an additional cost in terms of physical infrastructure, the same can be easily reduced substantially in recorded sessions. Most of the institutions/faculties pass on this price benefit to the students. The general trend suggests that such price benefit goes up to 50%.


Multiple Views for Revision:

In classroom coaching, the faculty teaches the concept the first time but what if someone wants to revise it? That’s where CA Online/Pendrive Classes are beneficial. The majority of vendors provide 1.2x, 1.5x, or 2.0x views of recorded video lectures, so that important topics can be revised while many institutions provide unlimited views which permit students to refer to topics again and again.


Accommodation & Food Concerns:

The classroom coaching involves a lot of allied expenses like staying in a hostel or PG, eating outside food, transportation, etc. On the other hand, in recorded lectures, everything is available at the doorstep.


Family Bonding:

It is very difficult for 12th pass out youngsters to relocate from their hometown and settle in tier 1 or tier 2 or tier 3 cities. On one side students face problems like homesickness while on the other side parents live under the fear that the child may get involved in wrong activities or practices. Recorded lectures are considered a blessing for such a child or parents.


Personalized Approach:

The recorded lectures are referred by the student individually, their doubts are also solved on an individual basis, and this provides a personalized approach to each & every student. 


Easy to Access – Material:

Along with lectures, nowadays the students have started referring to material in soft form. A lot of institutions/faculties have also started providing their material in downloadable/encrypted format for the betterment of students. Such material can be accessed anywhere & anytime along with lectures.

Why Navkar Digital Institute?

Established in 1997 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Navkar Institute is a beacon of hope for thousands of students who join us every year to realize their dream to become a professional. In the last 4 years, we have ventured into Digital Education and currently are teaching more than 3 lac students pan India through our application Navkar Digital Institute. Navkar Digital Institute is a pioneer in Professional Courses like CA, CS, US CMA, US CFA, US CPA, UK ACCA, and IELTS. We have contributed to building the careers of more than 100,000 students and have produced 1000s of All India Rank in our journey of 25 years. 

We can proudly say that only Navkar Digital Institute provides features like:

Recorded Lectures with Unlimited Views

Option to Switch Over the Faculty. Precisely, Navkar Digital Institute provides lectures of Multiple Faculty members at the price of a single. So if a student is having a problem while referring to the lectures of X faculty, he may change the faculty without paying an additional cost.

Downloadable Material. While most institutions provide encrypted material in soft form, Navkar Digital Institute offers material in downloadable format. So the student can refer to it online also and may take a printout if required.


To know more about Navkar Digital Institute, you may contact us at +91 75677 12000 or you can write to us at info@navkardigitalinstitute.com