What After 12th?

What After 12th?

Are you a student of  Standard 12th?


Then your mind must be constantly thinking,overthinking about future prospects and also having fun right.You might be seeking help of your neighbours Didi and Bhaiya for asking all your questions and what they did post 12th Standard? Your Parents also might be asking everyone, what activities you must do, what courses will add a positive impact on your future?


Many more questions, many unanswered ones, yet!!!



What next? What shall be the future? What course shall bring the best of success to make the child's future bright with their interests .

What will be the best suited as per their requirements, their job interests, capacities, durations?

Whether the teachings and coachings will be available properly?

What after coaching and clearing exams? Jobs interviewing knowledge and process.

Why to fear about your Future,

When Navkar is your teacher?


All at one Place, From Coaching to Placements Guidance, we at Navkar will provide the best of everything at the place.

Let’s make it informative and discuss all your questions in mind, and all your answers will be provided in this knowledge bringing blog.


Read further, introspect and decide what Courses will suit your child’s ambitions.


1) Chartered Accountancy



One of the most prestigious professional courses in the commerce field. Chartered Accounts help you in the accounts, auditing and taxation aspects to give you a glimpse of the roles they have.

Finance is the Lifeline of any Business, and Yes CA’s do take care of the same. Now you can imagine  the endless opportunities of CA in every sector.

To add on the most significant is the respect and job opportunities available are immense in this course.

Let us jot down straight points for everyone to know more regarding this course.


Eligibility Criteria-

Registration can be done immediately after 10th result. However one can appear in Foundation (Level 1) exam right after the 12th Standard exam. There is no barrier that you have taken any field (Commerce, Arts or Science). Most Commerce students choose this as their base subjects start in Commerce, but if you are willing to do it, one can do it from any field.



Approx. 4 years


Exam System-

Each level has subjective and objective based questions. In the Initial Level (Foundation) there are four subjects and then In the Intermediate and Final Levels, there are 8 subjects. Passing criteria is atleast 40 % in individual subjects and  50 % of total marks. Both the criterias are to be followed.

Result Passing Percentages-

The course is little bit difficult. In one of the recent attempt, the overall result in CA Foundation (Level 1) was around 30%.


Job Opportunities-

After you become CA,there are many avenues majorly divided into Job/Practice.In Jobs one can do it in:



3)Investment Banking Firms

4) Corporates


2) Certified Management Accountant (CMA)



This course is gaining popularity for the students as it is a highly respected course having global recognition. It is a US based world wide qualification for accounting and finance professions.

They play a significant role in the financial health leading to the overall growth aspect of any organization. 

This course helps you to bring a bright career in the field of Foreign Accounting, Foreign Taxation, Building Cost Effectiveness, Auditing and Assurance, Cost and Management Accounting.


Eligibility Criteria-

Age - Minimum 17 Years

Minimum Passing Percentage in 12th Standard shall be 50 %.


Duration is 1 year.

Exam System-

It is divided into Two Parts:

CMA Exam Part 1- Financial Planning Performance and Analysis.

CMA Exam Part 2 - Strategic Financial Management.

Every exam consists of two phases, one is  professional certification covering accounting, finance  aspects and second phase for strategic business making. The score shall be 360 in order to clear this exam out of 500.


Results Passing Percentage-

It has higher chances of getting passed, it ranges between 45% to 50 % on an average.


Job Opportunities-

The opportunities are immense in India as well as in Abroad.

In India, mainly job opportunities are available in the Outsourcing Industry and also in MNCs. There are high chances of  being in the positions of  Financial Controller, Senior Accountant, Finance Handling and Tax Management.



3) Chartered Financial Analayst (CFA)



Another Blooming and Growing Course worldwide. The Chartered Financial Analayst helps you to discover various financial aspects and open up many doors of Financial Projects and understand core aspects of finance and help in regulating the financials for the organization.

It is a Global Certification. This is the course that is considered as the Golden Standard of Professional credential in the investment professional cases.


Eligibility Criteria-

Bachelor’s Degree

Note that the exam window must be opened  for 11 months or for fewer just before the month of graduation and additionally your Bachelors degree must be completed for Level 2.


Exam System-
There are in Total Three Levels in this exam. The Exam is conducted as Computer based and also MCQ system is there in this kind of exams.

The CFA Level I exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. The item set questions make up the entirety of the Level II exam. During the morning session, Level III consists of constructed answer (essay) items, whereas the afternoon session consists of item set questions. Constructed response items usually consist of numerous elements, each of which is tied to a case study that outlines one or more investment issues.


Course duration 2 to 4 years.


Result Passing Percentages-
It has averagely higher chances of  getting passed,it ranges between 40% to 50 % on an everage.


Job Opportunities-
There are ample of financial roles in investment 

Banking areas and Investment Banking.

Portfolio Management .

Risk Analysis.

Asset Management

Private Wealth Management.



4) US Certified Public Accountant(CPA)



With the growing  Global opportunities, US CPA has become one of the most chosen courses to be taken in the field of Finance. US CPA Exam is conducted by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

This course has been given recognition  as compared to the Chartered Accountancy in India. It has been given global certification in the field of accountancy. They are highly efficient professionals  in accounting, auditing, taxation and legislative aspects and globally recognized.


Eligibility Criteria-

The standard eligibility criteria are:

Job Seekers:

Requires 120 credits to pursue the course. So one has to study 4 years post 12th commerce or need to clear CA Intermediate along with Commerce Graduation.



Requires 150 credits to pursue the course. So one has to complete Post Graduation or need to clear professional courses like CA along with Commerce Graduation.


Average Duration required for the course is 1 year.


Exam System-

CPA Exams consist of Four parts having the combination of multiple and essay (Task Based Simulation) questions. An independent testing for each candidate that evaluates them on their knowledge, talent and Analytical Approaches.


Result Passing Percentage -

Minimum score of 75% is necessary for each CPA Exam Section.


Job opportunities-

Public Accounting Firm or Outsourcing companies operating in India offer roles of Accounting, Tax and Consultations for any client size. Auditing of the public and private companies are offered as well. They also get employed  in different positions ranging from Financial analysts and Staff Accountants.

Specialisition services by CPA is also a growing area where they get good job prospects. Financial Advisors and many endless opportunities.


 5) UK ACCA( (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

The  ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) course is recognized  globally and holds the largest professional accounting qualification across the world. It is a certification course in the fields of accounting and highly suitable to scale up your career in India as well as in Abroad.


Eligibility Criteria-

Students must be qualified (10+2) examinations securing 65 % in the aggregate of (Maths/Accounting) and English.And in other subjects,minumum of 50 % is required.

The students who cleared 10th standard would not fall in the above mentioned criteria can still register for the course under Foundation in Accountancy Route(FIA).



The Duration is 3 Years.


Exam System-

The Course is divided into 13 examinations where they are split into different levels such as 

  • Knowledge 
  • Skill
  • Professional

The Knowledge level exams are on demand basis and can be appeared at any time in 365 days a year whereas the Skill and Professional Level ones are conducted in every quarter. Now all the levels of Examinations are computer based Post 2021.

Exemption upto Nine papers, 3 of Applied Knowledge and 6 of Applied Skills would be awarded. There are no exemptions for Professional Exams.

The Passing Criterias are 50 % in every subject.


Result Passing Percentage-

The passing percentage on an average ranges from 40-50%


Job Opportunities-

Big MNCs and Big 4 take ACCA Candidates in profiles such as:

Accounting Advisory

Statutory and Internal Audit Roles.

Forensic Auditing




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